Loretta and I worked together for years growing the Free People business. Loretta is a rare talent—she’s an exceptional merchant, but she’s also an accomplished businesswoman—she’s strategic, numerate, capable of managing scale and she’s a natural leader. I always looked forward to working the line with Loretta. She has an innate sense of trend, a “diving rod” of an eye for an item, beautiful taste and a genuine passion for the business. She’s also a truly nice person—she’s honest, constructive, direct and supportive.

Glen Senk

CEO, David Yurman, LLC; Prior CEO of Urban Outfitters
I have known Loretta for almost ten years, in her capacity as the Chief Women’s merchant at Nordstrom, the number one global client of Burberry. I have always known her to be a strong merchant, collaborative, a leader with her team, within the company and amongst her peers. My sense is that she was highly respected within the industry. Although very involved in the details of growing her business, she was very strategic in her approach to growing our business and a terrific partner.

Eugenia Ulasewicz

President, Burberry Americas
Loretta’s relentless focus on the end consumer helped our company enormously. She is strategic, understands market structure, and can translate new trends into strategic frameworks. We love that she is brutally honest and deeply intuitive–the hallmark’s of a real merchant. She was always a go-to resource for our teams as we emerged with our new brand-centric strategy.

Bill McComb

CEO, Fifth & Pacific Companies
Loretta Soffe is the leading consumer driven merchant in the industry. Having worked with Loretta for 4 years, she brings absolute clarity to who the women’s apparel customer is and what she wants. Loretta’s consumer insight leads to compelling product strategy and has resulted in her ability to define many of the winning picks in the industry ahead of competitors.

Jeremy Sicklick

Partner + Managing Director, The Boston Consulting Group
Loretta has been a key strategic advisor for Zoomingo as we navigate the complex and evolving retail landscape. Loretta brings keen insights into consumer behavior in retail that has allowed us to effectively design the Zoomingo application to drive higher levels of customer engagement. With her 24 years of retail industry experience, she brings significant relationships and credibility with retail industry leaders allowing Zoomingo to seek partnerships that can propel Zoomingo's business model.

Shirish Nadkarni

CEO & Founder, Zoomingo, Inc.

Loretta Soffe - Principal