Brand Positioning / Development

Do you know your target customer inside and out? How they think and live? Their likes and dislikes? Where they eat, talk and shop? What and when they buy?

Do you know your competitors inside and out? Who they are, how and where they operate, their culture and values, offerings and prices, what people are saying about them?

Becoming rooted in your target customer and discerning your competition should be an intentional, evolving, ongoing process of watching, listening and absorbing.

Loretta has formalized this practice, revolutionizing how it’s done. She guides brands through her proven 5-Step Process that generates a filter for decision making with the customer at the forefront of business—and the competition right under its thumb.

With a pulse on the market, Loretta intensely analyzes purchasing behaviors, market trends, and competitive intelligence and utilizes key insights to:

  • Develop a clear brand mission and vision
  • Create products that align with consumer priorities and preferences
  • Define and reach target customers at all corners of the globe
  • Formulate a specific business strategy for efficient, profitable growth


So, what’s your next move?

Loretta Soffe - Principal