Posted on Jan 15 2013

New Skin. New You.

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Is your skin feeling a little dry and dehydrated? Whether cold and dry, or sunny and hot, winter takes a […]

Posted on Jan 07 2013

Making Resolutions Work

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If you are like most people, you get that sudden burst of motivation in January when the holidays finally wind […]

Posted on Oct 27 2012

Go: Out in the World

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I find that I am always looking forward to the next big trip—to Costa Rica, Ireland, or back to Italy […]

Posted on Oct 24 2012


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Ever wonder where to start?  What to pay attention to and what to tune out completely?  We need to be […]

Posted on Oct 17 2012

Back to Black

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I just returned to crisp, cool Seattle after a week in NYC.  I absolutely love NYC in the fall. As […]

Posted on Oct 11 2012

Travel Uniform

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I travel a ton—in fact, right now I’m prepping my suitcase for a fairly impromptu seven-day trip to China, of […]

Posted on Aug 08 2012

What To Wear / Dinner

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It’s summer and it’s time to be bare… Go short. Short printed dress, short shorts, or mini. And go with […]

Posted on Jul 15 2012

The Retail Makeover Show Promo

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Enjoy a 5-minute preview of my upcoming show, Retail Makeover. Don’t miss the premier Sunday, September 2nd, on A&E.  

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