Posted on Aug 17 2018

Putting the “work” into working from home

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As summer winds down, I find myself resisting the change in weather and the inevitable change in schedule.  I also […]

Posted on Jun 26 2018

A New Model for Shopping Malls

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Why are some malls succeeding while others are declining precipitously? Because some mall owners are aggressively changing their mindset from […]

Posted on Dec 07 2017

Pillars of a Successful Retail Strategy

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Price. Selection. Convenience. Experience.  Those were the four pillars of a retail and Ecommerce strategy in 2005. According to Lee […]

Posted on Nov 14 2017

STORE TOURS THROUGH A 360 LENS ~ Why shopping will make you a smarter investor ~

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Retail bankruptcies are soaring, store closings are becoming commonplace, and profits at a variety of retail chains are in decline. […]

Posted on Sep 21 2017

Lessons learned from Toys ‘R’ Us

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The best points from recent articles about Toys ‘R’ Us: 1. “…clearly the problem isn’t with retail itself but with […]

Posted on Apr 14 2017

How to survive the death spiral of bricks and mortar retail

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Reading the dismal quarterly results, pointing to the continuous decline in traditional retail, it is easy to become skeptical about […]

Posted on Mar 23 2017

Former Nordstrom and Deloitte Digital execs join Fitcode’s board of directors

I am thrilled to be a part of the future of fashion and retail. Fitcode is transforming the way consumers […]

Posted on Feb 15 2017

What is a digital strategy really?

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I hear it all the time. “We need to revamp our digital strategy” or “If we only had a digital […]

Posted on Jan 26 2017

One of the best brand turn-arounds in History

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Best Buy (BBY) was struggling for survival after many investors and analysts put the company on the “death watch” list […]

Posted on May 14 2016

Curiosity killed the cat, not the store

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  How transformation and culture are crucial to stay ahead of the competition  Thank you Jessica Box for the excellent […]

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