Posted on Feb 15 2017

What is a digital strategy really?

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I hear it all the time. “We need to revamp our digital strategy” or “If we only had a digital strategy, our business would be so much better” ….

I wonder if there is a clear understanding of what the words Digital Strategy really mean. Rather than throwing up these words without any clear vision of what that means in the context of one’s own business, retailers need to be thinking more about how they can deliver relevant technology-enabled products, content, services and conveniences.

The only reason you need to call it ‘digital strategy’ is because your business strategy is lagging the way your customers are using technology, and how technology can facilitate new experiences around your brand. Digital or technology, whatever you want to call it, is not the holy grail for improving business. Rather, it is an enabler to engaging and serving customers on their terms, creating loyalty, and ultimately driving your business.

While you discern how to connect with consumers in the digital world, remember there is not just a single cookie-cutter strategy to open a website, start a social media channel and work on your e-influence. It has to be something that fundamentally reinforces what the brand is about. And allows you to connect with your target customer.

Whether it is through technology enabled sales people, integrated experiences in store, or improving the mobile interface, a digital strategy is about moving beyond mere transactional functionality. It needs to be focused on delivering content, engaging consumers, creating community & driving commerce. How you accomplish all of those things is through a carefully crafted strategy with the customer at the center. It’s all about understanding what your customers want, how and when they want it, and delivering the experience and convenience that they demand. If you can get all that right, than technology just may be the holy grail.

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Loretta Soffe - Principal