Posted on Aug 27 2013

Back to Beauty: Transition Your Look for Fall

olivia-palermo-hairstyles-of-the-year-2010_127960495With Labor Day just a week away, everyone has back to school on the brain. Even if you aren’t really headed back to the class room, you’re still thinking about refreshing your look for fall. That means clothes, shoes, and don’t forget hair and makeup as well – it’s a head-to-toe movement after all.  Getting a new look doesn’t have to be complicated, it’s really just as simple as a few snips on the hair, a polish change, and a fresh color on the lips.  Here’s a few tips to transition into a simple, yet chic fall beauty look.


Fall make up trends

The Hair Cut: Collarbone length hair is the look this fall and a fairly easy update for most.   It lies just between the long boho look, and the chic pixie look with all the benefits and none of the drawbacks of both. Short enough to not weigh you down, and long enough to still pull back into a ponytail.  Either way, it gives you a lot of options for styling.

The Lip Color: I’m loving a slightly sheer color to transition into fall. The YSL Rogue Pur Couture lip color in beige promenade has just the right amount of color to take us from fall to summer. Another color I’m loving right now is the Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lip gloss for a little natural shine.

Skin: The sun and heat has a tendency to dry out and dehydrate skin, especially after all the sun we’ve had in Seattle this summer.  I recently discovered this hydrating energy mask ~ put it on before bed and don’t wipe it off.  Wake up to revitalized skin in the a.m.!

Nails: The new Marc Jacobs Beauty  beauty line is amazing – the perfect blend of sophistication and edge.  The hi-shine nail laquer in Delphine is killer and my new my favorite polish right now. The color is on trend for fall without being too dark and dramatic.

Start with the nails and lips, and make those appointments for cut and color.  You will look better than ever for the First Day!


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