Posted on Jul 12 2013

Well + Good NYC

beauty, fitness, and nutrition

Health and wellness seem to be on everyone’s mind right now.  The warm weather, long days, and wonderful fresh food are inspiring us all.  I have a new daily “go-to” for all things healthy (and trendy for that matter),  Well + Good NYC. This website is on the cutting edge of health, beauty, fitness, and well-being, not to mention the pulse of NYC.  Founded by two health and fitness journalists in NY,  Well and Good offers up all the latest and greatest  including cool events, fitness advice, recipes, and natural beauty remedies.  I love their innovative beauty techniques (beauty benefits of coconut oi), and their recommendations for fitness escapes  (retreats for fitness and relaxation).  The whole site is fresh and cool, especially their tag line “your healthiest relationship”.

The bottom line is, Well + Good is the best resource for anything and everything you want to know about living a healthy life.

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