Posted on Jul 01 2013

Try Slow

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Re-entry after vacation can be brutal on many levels. Jet lag, the pile up of mail and email, and the anticipation of the Monday – Friday grind before another day of fun in the sun: The price we pay for vacation. Too often, however, the vacation bliss fades faster than your tan.

We were fortunate to travel to Kauai for the past couple weeks. The lush greenery, wood bridges, waterfalls and pristine secret beaches are truly majestic.





However, what struck me more is Kauai’s tranquility. There’s a Zen-like feeling everywhere you go. The locals are always on the move, but never in a hurry. “Try Slow” is the unofficial mantra of the northern town of Hanalei. Maybe that’s why SUP (stand up paddling) is nearly as popular as surfing. 


Now that we’re back, I’m borrowing Try Slow. Sure we have work to do, kids to drive, and meetings to attend. But that ‘s just part of the day and true of every week. We’re going to Try Slow in our house and savor the unstructured pace of summertime. It’s only 8 weeks and before we know it we will be back in the grind of work, school, and sports.

Backyard BBQ’s, boat rides, late night swims and bike rides. The simple stuff that makes summer — well summer — especially for kids.

What is your version of  Try Slow?

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