Posted on Jul 17 2013

Best of Summer: Shorts and Tanks

summer shorts

By this time in the summer, it’s all about the “must-have” pieces.  There’s no need for a lot of stuff, but there’s always room for a few more summer items. Shorts and tanks are key pieces in my wardrobe when I am not wearing a swimsuit and coverup, or a dress. Shorts need to have a nice, worn-in feeling, and the tanks must have a loose drape to them. Once I find my favorites, I am guilty of loading up in a couple of colors (like I did this year) to keep things simple and organized.

This summer’s go to’s are:

J Crew 3″ chino shorts in bright orange, navy and a great aztec print
Theory  shorts  in stormy grey
Alexander Wang tank in white and light grey
H& M striped tank in navy/ white
Birkenstock thong sandals to in mocha

best summer- shorts

1. T by Alexander Wang tank  2. J Crew 3″ chino shorts 3. Birkenstock thong sandals  4. H&M basic striped tank 5. Theory shorts

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