Posted on Jul 11 2013

Balancing Work and Fitness

photo courtesy of the Seattle Yoga Meetup Group

I am a firm believer in balance and taking care of yourself. It’s easy to get swept up in daily obligations and before you know it, your day is nearing the end, and all you’ve done is “work”. Am I right? For all the hours spent working, we need to balance  it with hours spent working on ourselves. Just an hour or two of going out and being active in the evening is going to help you unwind, boost your energy levels, and be more productive.  The summer months are especially great for this, the weather is absolutely gorgeous and it’s swimsuit season so we really want to look our best! But, striking a balance between work and life isn’t easy. Here are my two easy tricks for maintaing a healthy balance and lifestyle:

paddleboard yoga photo courtesy of Seattle Outdoor Classes Meetup Group

1. Make an appointment with yourself. Just like you make an appointment to get your hair done or  meet a client, make an appointment for your health and fitness. Put each activity on your calendar and set yourself a reminder.

2. Go out in a group. If you’re a repeat commitment breaker when it comes to fitness, get together with friends for your workouts. There is more accountability if you attempt to ditch at the last minute.  Meet Up is a fantastic way to find fun activities to do with a group. No matter what you are in to – swimming, biking, even hula hoop – there are a handful of others that want to meet up as well!

Now that we’ve all resolved to maintain healthy active lifestyles this summer, it might be time to get our wardrobes in gear as well. We can’t meet up for a run in those baggy shorts you’ve had forever,  we have standards after all!  I like to start with a crisp neutral palette, white will keep cool in the summer, and add in a jolt to keep it fun.


clockwise:  C9 by Champion tankWilfred cap, Nike sports braNike sneakers, Lululemon shorts 

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