Posted on Jul 30 2013

Balance and Wellness

Being present and healthy in all aspects of life has always been a priority for me. I strive to balance being a mother, wife, friend,  and business woman.  A recent medical scare has heightened this. This week, I want to share my holistic approach to wellness in life, centered upon nurturing the mind, body, and spirit.

The 4-Hour Work Week


It starts with nourishing an effective and efficient mind. I am a firm believer in the philosophies from the award winning book “The 4-Hour Work Week.” It’s all about working smarter, aligning your work with your life values and goals, and ultimately working less. The book can read a bit gimmicky at times, but is filled with great tips and principles that can change your life. These are the book’s key principles:

  • Do less meaningless work so you can focus on the most important work.
  • Nothing’s ever perfect.  Do your best and course-correct along the way.
  • Focus on your strengths and fully use them vs. trying to fix your weaknesses.
  • Take breaks between hard work sessions (aka vacation).  Breaks are necessary to refresh and maintain a high level of productivity and makes life more fulfilling and fun!

I highly suggest you pick this up as your next summer read. The author, Timothy Ferris, shatters conventional wisdom and really makes us think about our lives and how we can design them in such a way that balances work and play.

Get The 4-Hour Work Week here.


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