Posted on Jul 23 2013

9-to-5 Summer Style

Summer Style Office 9 to 5

Whether it’s a wedding, a business meeting, or weekend brunch, dressing for certain occasions can be a recurring conundrum. I may have  some solutions.  This week I will highlight my style tips for a few popular summer occasions.

Let’s start with what to wear to the office – it’s all about balancing the heat of summer with appropriate pieces for a professional, yet comfortable look. Beyond fashion tips there are some rules of thumb that will ensure you are remembered for what you said, not what you wore.  Here are my do’s and don’ts  for achieving that 9-to-5 summer chic:

1. Do wear easy dresses like shifts, shirt dresses, and wraps. Don’t wear tight dresses, anything shorter than finger tip length, and avoid the overly casual maxi dress.

2. Do wear light-weight fabrics like jersey, georgette, and printed knits. Skip the linen and silk – they may look good at home, but a short drive later and you’ll arrive at the office a wrinkled mess.

9 to 5 chic

3. Do wear neutral colors. I always prefer black, navy or a warm camel.  Regardless of the heat, these colors look more professional as your silhouettes get bare.

4. Do wear open toed sandals with a backup flat in your tote, always. Avoid a pump or closed-toe of any kind. As temperatures rise, your feet will start to swell. Not attractive. Not comfortable. Not good.

5. Always carry a tissue weight wrap or cardigan in your tote to combat the high powdered AC. Nothing worse than sitting down for a lunch meeting covered in goose bumps.

View my Pinterest for more 9-to-5 summer style inspiration.  And check in later this week for what to wear to grab a cocktail as well as weekend brunch.

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