Posted on Jul 30 2013

Balance and Wellness

Being present and healthy in all aspects of life has always been a priority for me. I strive to balance […]

Posted on Jul 27 2013

Style Inspiration: Weekend Brunch

A few months back, in this blog post, I proclaimed Sunday brunch was the new Friday night out…I think I was […]

Posted on Jul 25 2013

Cocktail Chic

I am a morning person by nature, but during summer my favorite time of day is cocktail hour. Whether I’m […]

Posted on Jul 23 2013

9-to-5 Summer Style

Whether it’s a wedding, a business meeting, or weekend brunch, dressing for certain occasions can be a recurring conundrum. I […]

Posted on Jul 19 2013

Best of Summer: Swim Suits

Photo courtesy of Maaji Summer… or as I call it, bikini season is in full swing. Whether it’s an upcoming vacation, […]

Posted on Jul 17 2013

Best of Summer: Shorts and Tanks

By this time in the summer, it’s all about the “must-have” pieces.  There’s no need for a lot of stuff, […]

Posted on Jul 15 2013

Best of Summer: Espadrilles and Easy Dresses

I love summer! I especially love the social aspect of it.  It’s casual and spontaneous, and there are so many […]

Posted on Jul 12 2013

Well + Good NYC

Health and wellness seem to be on everyone’s mind right now.  The warm weather, long days, and wonderful fresh food […]

Posted on Jul 11 2013

Balancing Work and Fitness

photo courtesy of the Seattle Yoga Meetup Group   I am a firm believer in balance and taking care of […]

Posted on Jul 08 2013

50 Shades of Kale

post Image

“Nothing is sexier than a sharp, happy mind atop a lean, healthy body.” – Drew Ramsey, M.D. & Jennifer Iserloh […]

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