Posted on Jun 19 2013

Reach Beyond Your Storefront

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Most traditional retailers struggle to bring customers into their stores as more sales move to online channels. Shop owners develop promotions, some quite costly, to entice customers into their stores. They offer free food and drinks, personal appearances by influential people, and significant discounts to name just a few. Often the turnout is as disappointing as sales, which creates a big dilemma for businesses.

In today’s market, these approaches conflict with current consumer behaviors and trends. People are still shopping, but they are doing it differently. Retailers need to change their mindsets and consider generating sales regardless of physical traffic. Today, people can be in stores all over the world in minutes with a poke of the touchscreen.

People, product, and technology are all you need. Salespeople can and should use these assets to their advantage. Rather than waiting for a customer to come into the store, the salesperson can bring the store to the customer by curating products tailored to particular styles and customer needs. The store becomes a virtual stock room for personal stylists who are selling 24/7 worldwide through technology and their local UPS guy.  Everybody wins… customers save time and receive VIP product curation and the delight of coming home to their own special box of goodies.

The customers are out there.  Bring your store to them.

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Loretta Soffe - Principal