Posted on Jun 28 2013

Sea Bags ~ Simple Chic Bags for all Your Summer Outings

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I’ve seen Sea Bags in magazines over the years and thought they were chic and unique. This week, I finally […]

Posted on Jun 26 2013

Cool Shops in Cool Places

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Shopping in vacation towns can be hit or miss. When it’s good, it’s obvious and when it’s bad, it’s just […]

Posted on Jun 24 2013

Coverup in Style

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I am a sucker for coverups.  And when they’re beautiful and reasonably priced, it would be foolish to resist.  I’ve […]

Posted on Jun 21 2013

Smooth Transition: Beach to Bar

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The sign of a great vacation day is when I’m still in my bathing suit well into the cocktail and […]

Posted on Jun 19 2013

Reach Beyond Your Storefront

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Most traditional retailers struggle to bring customers into their stores as more sales move to online channels. Shop owners develop […]

Posted on Jun 17 2013

Beach Getaway Essentials

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We’re heading to Hawaii to officially kick off summer.  The suitcases are packed, skimboards are waxed, Jambox is charged. Just […]

Posted on Jun 14 2013

Outdoor Living

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“Fashion exists in the way we live, what is happening.”  ~ Coco Chanel  Summer is upon us and it’s time […]

Posted on Jun 12 2013

How to Create Focus

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If you use lists to prioritize and enumerate important tasks, you NEED to continue reading. Have you ever taken on […]

Posted on Jun 10 2013

What does your Tee say about you?

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Photo courtesy of: Nordstrom  It’s that time of year when fashion gets more casual.  The weather, the activities, and the destinations […]

Posted on Jun 07 2013

Mobile Training for the Persistent Traveler

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Feeling great mentally and physically are the keys to looking your best. True beauty really emanates from the inside out,  […]

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