Posted on May 07 2013

The Highs and Lows of Fashion

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Get My Look: Top: Poly/spandex matte jersey racer by Theory, Skirt: Free People, Sandals: Ancient Greek handmade flip flops, Purse: Michael Kors woven basket with metallic handle, Sunglasses: Barton Perreira, Bracelet: Nordstrom fashion jewelry

Mixing highs and lows of fashion brands has become the new norm. Everyone from designers to editors and bloggers has mastered the art of high/low dressing. Not only is it fiscally wise, it’s actually more creative and generally more fashionable than looking like a walking ad for a singular designer/brand. Perfecting this trade, however, can be a tricky thing and prompts the dilemma between which pieces should serve as investments versus which ones are worth saving a pretty penny on.

Last week I blogged about my current infatuation with H&M and tweeted an example of fashion blogger, Aimee Song, truly capturing the trend to perfection. She outfitted an H&M blouse with Isabel Marant pumps and polished the look off with a Celine handbag. As easy as it may look, here are some essential rules to follow: 

The Highs

  • Shoes: I never go “low” on shoes. Inexpensive shoes look inexpensive and will give it all away in a second. Not to mention, they hurt your feet and don’t hold up after a few wears.  
  • Handbags: Think of a great handbag as an investment and not as an accessory to skimp. I justify the price per wear, as I intend to keep them forever when I buy them, and it all makes sense. 
  • Pants: Nothing is less flattering in an outfit than a pant that doesn’t look tailored to your body type. Where comfort and fit are concerned, don’t compromise.

The Lows

  • Tops: I love mixing an inexpensive top or tee to help add color, print, or a new fashion silhouette without breaking the bank.
  • Scarves: This is an easy and affordable way to layer fun colors and patterns to an outfit.
  • Jewelry: There’s nothing better than an amazing statement necklace or funky bangles to help add that element of surprise to an outfit. Never underestimate inexpensive fashion jewelry. 

Budget these factors into your next wardrobe spree and I promise you’ll turn heads.

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 **Featured image courtesy of Loretta Soffe

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