Posted on May 17 2013

No Brand, No Problem. The brandless brand that is MUJI

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If you ever find yourself in New York or San Francisco, make sure you get to a MUJI store. Each time I’m in either city, I make it a point to pop into one of its locations to see how the retailer is evolving its products, ranging from houseware to office, and apparel.  I’m also an addict to MUJI’s innovation and simplicity – super cool products, minimal packaging, and clean lines.

Literally meaning “No brand” in Japanese, MUJI has relied on the old-fashioned “word of mouth” marketing technique to promote its effortless and inexpensive shopping experience for the past 30 years. MUJI believes in the simplicity of its design rather than “the thrills of a frill” to attract consumers. I like to think of it as the next Container Store meets CB2 with a splash of Uniqlo.

As an aficionado of all stores and brands, this brand (or lack thereof) excites me. Muji is a true example that sometimes simplicity is the key ingredient to creating a great and successful (anti)brand.

– Loretta


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