Posted on May 08 2013

Brain Candy: Become a Student of Your Profession

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I used to receive dozens of  invitations to various industry summits, conferences, and forums.  Though I had no time and desired no additional travel, my assistant would open (or print) the invites and slip them onto my desk when I wasn’t looking.

I round-filed them.  I believed conferences were only for consumer insights or marketing folks.

Boy was I wrong.

I recently attended a conference in Chicago themed, “Game Changing Ideas to Win in 2013.”  Good thing I didn’t know the theme before I left or I may have rerouted to the Kentucky Derby.  The idea of sitting in a crowded room to strategize “plays” in order to win the economic Super Bowl sounded far-fetched. Let’s be honest, if a playbook existed, there would be no need for conferences.

Still, it was a bright group, basically a dream team of business acumen.  We talked about execution, speed over perfection, incremental innovation and value.  In other words, simple concepts applied with discipline that enable success.

When I returned home, I discussed the conference with a neighbor and it occurred to me that you didn’t need to be a CEO or business owner to gain insight at this conference.  The ideas would have benefited a full-time housewife, too.  From the boardroom to the kitchen, a more educated person makes a bigger contribution.

I am more educated and smarter having attended the conference in Chicago.  A small price to pay, and I would not have bet on the right horse in the Derby anyway.



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