Posted on Apr 26 2013

White Now

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As the weather warms up across the country, typically about a month after the official start of spring, people start asking questions about the protocol of wearing white before Memorial Day.  “Can I wear white now, before Memorial Day?  What about white shoes?  What about white denim?”  For years, the emphatic answer to these and countless other “white” questions has been and remains: YES!  White is a neutral and you can wear it all year long.

The issue is HOW to wear white.  Below are my DO’s and DON’Ts.


DO: Wear white denim in an ankle length silhouette in a slightly heavier weight of denim.  Pair it with a dark blazer, a denim shirt, or an open weave sweater.  If you’re light is on the bottom, go darker on top.

Image courtesy of roaring-40s.com

DON’T: Wear white shoes (really ever unless they are cool sneakers or a great wedge mixed with a natural material).


DO:  Wear a white blazer, trench or short belted Jacket.  It looks especially fresh when paired with a dark jean or black pant, a cool layering piece, and a neutral or dark shoe.

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DON’T: Wear white linen yet (unless you’re in Hawaii, Florida, Italy, or Mexic0).

Wear white shirts or sleeveless white tops for layering.  They’re best when paired back to a neutral pant and grounded with a dark shoe.

Image courtesy of outfitidentifier.com

DON’T:  Wear a white dress anytime soon.  A skirt is ok as long as your blouse or cardigan is not white.


Never ever under any circumstances wear white on white unless it’s well past Memorial Day and approaching Labor Day. Or unless you are somewhere super sunny and in that case go for a white jean or short with a cool white tee…. and a pair of ancient greek sandals of course.


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