Posted on Apr 17 2013

What Makes a Great Brand

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Clarity, Consistency, Innovation.  All great brands share these attributes.  


Clarity – Target consumer is inherently clear for the product or service they offer.

Consistency – Consistently reinforcing brand message through every customer touch point.

Innovation – Uncompromising in their pursuit of improvement and newness.


Great brands maintain a relentless focus on their target customer: Who he/she is, their behaviors, product preferences, lifestyle, demographics, and values.  Great brands spend the necessary time asking detailed questions and embracing the nuances of their customer.  When the target customer is clear,  they develop products or services that anticipate customer needs.  Great brands inevitably solve a problem most consumers did not know they had.  

Take Apple, for example.  Most consumers were completely satisfied with the iPhone 4, including the camera and all its built in features.  But the iPhone 5, in less than one year, is the number one selling camera (not just phone) on the market today.  Apple knew its customers covet new technology so they developed the iPhone5 with an even better camera.  Consumers loved it and bought it despite not needing it.  

Founded in 1856, Burberry is one of the leading global brands, as well as one of the oldest.  Why?  Innovation.  Burberry has mastered the art of engaging customers and staying ahead of trends.  From the incredible fashion collections with live-stream fashion shows via the web, to the integration of the sound track immediately available on iTunes, Burberry integrates technology into everything they do.  Consequently, they are widening their reach while staying laser focused on their target customer.  They are completely redefining how a luxury brand operates in a digital world while elevating their fashion quotient at the same time.  Bravo!  

There are many more examples of great brands.  Without a doubt, each one maintains a focus on the three principles: clarity, consistency, and innovation.  Consequently, they all have good customer loyalty,  strong brand recognition, and big business.  Something every brand strives for.  

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