Posted on Apr 29 2013

Lafco House and Home Candle Collection

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A little bit of luxury for your home. Lafco House and Home makes my favorite candles.  The extensive candle collection includes wonderful […]

Posted on Apr 26 2013

White Now

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  As the weather warms up across the country, typically about a month after the official start of spring, people […]

Posted on Apr 24 2013

Guy Kawasaki – A Wealth of Knowledge

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Guy Kawasaki is a best selling author, entrepreneur, and public speaker.   He was an original employee at Apple before […]

Posted on Apr 22 2013

Happy Earth Day

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Eat Well, Feel Good and Do Good. The concept is simple: eating locally benefits us all.  The food producers, the […]

Posted on Apr 19 2013

The Sound of N.O.W (aka Nightmares on Wax)

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George Evelyn, also known as Nightmares on Wax, is a DJ and electronic music composer from England.  His album, In a Space […]

Posted on Apr 17 2013

What Makes a Great Brand

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Clarity, Consistency, Innovation.  All great brands share these attributes.     Clarity – Target consumer is inherently clear for the […]

Posted on Apr 15 2013

Cool Sneakers

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I have never been one to run around in sneakers during the day. When the weather turns and things get […]

Posted on Apr 12 2013

Dessert in a Glass

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Get out your prettiest cocktail glasses and turn an ordinary dessert into something chic and modern. Everything looks better presented […]

Posted on Apr 10 2013

Company Culture

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Cultivating strong teams and company cultures is a huge challenge, and few get it right.  Most employers value skill and […]

Posted on Apr 08 2013

How to Wear Chambray

    Get the most out of your chambray shirt this spring. It’s one of the hottest trends you can […]

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