Posted on Mar 04 2013

What Makes a Great Store

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A good store engages you before you know it. Before you’ve even entered. It happens a few feet out front: Window displays. Signage. The view inside.  These are the hooks.

“Curb appeal” is often underestimated. Just like the garden in front of your home, the exterior of a store can add tremendous value and serve as the first customer touch point.

Within a minute of entering a store, customers make a decision to leave or continue exploring. The decision is based on product assortment, presentation, and people. If the product focus is clear and presented in a creative, clean and curated manner, it encourages discovery.  Customers will browse and stay. Add in music and refreshments, and it feels more like a home, less like a store.

How to get people to purchase is easier than one might think.  It comes down to people and product. People buy from people, and buy more when the selection is great.  And even when the store is merchandised well, it’s the salesperson who can assess the customer and lead them to items they just can’t live without.

The best stores understand the importance of all three elements.  All three are critical. You can’t sell anything if you don’t get people inside, and you cant keep them in without compelling product and effective sellers.




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