Posted on Mar 25 2013

Expand Your Knowledge Base

Expand Your Knowledge Base and Learn Something New


I recently had a conversation with a young man looking for a summer internship. Nearing completion of his junior year of University, he is fortunate to have several offers that directly align with his double major in Business and Economics.  His offers are enticing with a combination of reasonable hours, fairly high compensation, and all at highly reputed national financial institutions. Sounds like he is set.

So here is the challenge I put to him: get out of your comfort zone and do something different; be it innovative, creative, or just plain disruptive.  Nike, Uber, Gatorade, and Science come to mind as companies that are bucking the trend and pushing forward with solutions for problems consumers didn’t even know they had. They use a variety of skill sets and people who think differently to differentiate and beat their peers. And because of this, they are raising the bar.

Maybe what the financial world needs is someone fluent in non-financial prose.   Someone that is fluent in innovation and big ideas. What would innovation for a big bank really look like?  What do consumers want that neither they nor private wealth managers can see? What is the future of the NYSE and NASDAQ as we know it today?

The answers to those and many more questions will not be solved anytime soon within the four walls of big financial institutions.  The solutions are somewhere in the “think tanks” or “war rooms” of the other companies.

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Loretta Soffe - Principal