Posted on Mar 29 2013

Ancient Greek Sandals

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Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you wander down a local street in Greece or Italy and buy a pair of sandals handmade by a local cobbler.   Well, almost nothing.  Ancient Greek Sandals, a company local to the Island of Crete, has made it possible to own handmade sandals without taking the trip.  They make beautiful sandals, each pair unique using traditional techniques that have existed for centuries. A small company with fairly limited distribution means you don’t have to worry about seeing these on every pair of feet this summer.   The sandals are classic, timeless, and get better and better as you wear them.  The perfect accessory just as the weather starts to warm up.



Medea Metallic Wedge Thong Sandals

Image courtesy of polyvore.com

Clio Metallic Sandals


Image courtesy of shopbop.com

 Their handmade aesthetic gives them quite a unique look and feel. Because the company’s distribution is limited, each pair of sandals feels personal and one-of-a-kind. Ancient Greek myths say that handmade sandals were often enriched with magical powers, which gives a great boost to your day from the ground up.

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