Posted on Mar 18 2013

Advertising today: Rule #1 Stay True to your Brand

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We live in a world where brands advertise on everything from billboards to cellphones. Consumers are being inundated with product placement everywhere they look.  Setting yourself apart is key in engaging customers and gaining market share.  To do so, your message needs to be crystal clear and your target customer clearly defined.

Tell your story.

Telling your story has never been more important. Traditional advertising was rooted in fancy tags lines or glossy pages in magazines.  Not anymore.  You have to entertain, inspire and connect; as well as establish a consistent point of view. Much like journalism, stories need to be authentic and rich.  Your story needs to include content that touches the customer and triggers something emotional.

Multiple choices.

The expansion of media has created many new venues for advertising.  Online advertising is winning at the expense of print and radio, as technology makes it easier to engage customers.  But that doesn’t mean the newest online option is right for your brand.  The best decision on how and where to advertise needs to be rooted in the customer.  Define your customer, find where they are and grab their attention.

The customer.

It is essential to stay authentic and meaningful with your customer.  You need to be where they are and market to them in a way they find appealing.  This is different for every brand which is why it is imperative to use the customer as a filter for decisions.  Technology enables you to connect with people, and in so doing, tap into their preferences.  Be vigilant about your target customer while you identify your influencers and ambassadors. Speak to them, but do not isolate the majority. The “circle of influence” may be your most powerful marketing tool.


You don’t need to spend more on advertising, but you may need to spend differently.  Get comfortable with the “halo” effect, as not every dollar spent has a direct ROI.  Most importantly, keep finding ways to tell your story in a new and relevant way.  And remember the customer is the ultimate decision maker.


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