Posted on Mar 29 2013

Ancient Greek Sandals

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  Nothing compares to the feeling you get when you wander down a local street in Greece or Italy and […]

Posted on Mar 27 2013

Best Spring Bags

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  It’s time to change out your go-to bag and simultaneously change your look.   The Best Cross Bodies – […]

Posted on Mar 25 2013

Expand Your Knowledge Base

Expand Your Knowledge Base and Learn Something New   I recently had a conversation with a young man looking for […]

Posted on Mar 22 2013

The Perfect Cocktail(s)

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All winter we have been going through red wine. From full-bodied Cabernet and Merlot, to lighter varieties such as Pinot […]

Posted on Mar 20 2013

A Fragrant Home – Antica Farmacista

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“Your signature scent and love for luxury should be extended past your closet to your home as well”, insists co-founder […]

Posted on Mar 18 2013

Advertising today: Rule #1 Stay True to your Brand

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We live in a world where brands advertise on everything from billboards to cellphones. Consumers are being inundated with product […]

Posted on Mar 15 2013

Current obsession – Pure Illumination Lip Gloss

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Light Up and Gloss up Move over lipstick, lip gloss products are taking over.  With Pure Illumination you can add […]

Posted on Mar 13 2013

Women Who Inspire: Ramy Sharp

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Sexy, sophisticated, simple What do you do when you just can’t seem to find the perfect piece for a night […]

Posted on Mar 11 2013

How to stand out in today’s job market – the interview process

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Today’s job market is highly competitive, and there are far more people interviewing than there are jobs available.  Throughout my […]

Posted on Mar 08 2013

Spring Has Arrived

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Spring is in the air. The days are getting longer, the temperatures are getting warmer, and the bulbs are starting […]

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