Posted on Feb 27 2013

Women who inspire – Carolyn Roumeguere

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I recently bought a piece of jewelry by Carolyn Roumeguere. The beauty of this piece is amplified by the story of its creation.

The daughter of an Anthropologist, Carolyn grew up in Kenya and spent her childhood with the Maasai people. Carolyn is inspired by the tribal people of the world because she believes “they hold the secret to effortless elegance and style.” Her pieces are made of mixed materials by artisans from Africa, Mexico and South America.

The piece I bought has a story of its own, from the silver vermeil chain that was made link by link in Kenya, to the cross made of horn with a citrine set into it. The silver filigree chain was hand crafted by an old man in the Yucatan and took 4 months to make.

Carolyn is not just a jewelry maker, or a persuasive sales woman.  She is a great woman.  She is a true artist, sharing an invaluable treasure.

I wear my necklace often and I am reminded of my beautiful new friend.

Image courtesy of  carolynroumeguere.com

Image courtesy of  carolynroumeguere.com

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