Posted on Feb 04 2013

Welcome to POSHMARK.com! Where you can always attend a Posh Party…

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Ever wish you could shop my closet? Now you can.

I recently discovered POSHMARK – a great new website that gives you access to chic closets anywhere, anytime! It’s like a thrift shop at the click of a mouse!

Here’s how it works:

Just sign up at POSHMARK.com, input your shoe and dress size, and search away!

Or do you have items in your closet that you love, but just don’t wear anymore? Take a photo with your iPhone. Edit the photo with the filters and voila- create your listing!

In addition POSHMARK hosts Posh parties throughout the day, at which they highlight specific designers or styles that are being sold. I recently visited the Chanel Party – amazing!  And I will be sure to have my phone nearby when this City Chic Party happens!


Image courtesy of poshmark.com

By selling what you have in your closet, you can shop for what you really love. Happy Shopping!

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