Posted on Feb 20 2013

Fashionable lives through the lens of Slim Aarons

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There are two things I cannot live without: coffee and coffee table books.  My coffee needs only to be strong. My coffee table books, however, need to be fashionable and inspiring.  Like a handbag completes an outfit, a beautiful coffee table book should do more than look pretty.  It should inspire.  Some of my favorite books are by Slim Aarons, “the undisputed king of Hollywood photography” (theselvedgeyard.wordpress.com). He is famous for photographing socialites, jet-setters and celebrities.

Many of his photos appeared in fashion and lifestyle magazines over his career, as well as in a collection of gorgeous hard cover photo books.  Each book showcases the rich and famous with some of the most gorgeous villas, yachts, chalets and resorts.  It’s fabulous people doing fabulous things.  In beautiful clothes of course.

Over the years I have collected all five and find them inspiring and entertaining.

  • A Wonderful Time, 1974
  • Once Upon a Time, 2003
  • A Place in the Sun, 2005
  • Poolside, 2007
  • La Dolce Vita, 2012

A must have for every fashionable home.

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  Image courtesy of cleverconfidante.blogspot.com

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