Posted on Feb 06 2013

A Good New Morning

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Morning often passes so quickly that before you know it your day seems half over.

My mornings used to start involuntarily; my alarm setting the tone.  I’d rush to gulp down a cup of coffee while moving around the kitchen, answering emails and making my kids cocoa and school lunches.  Sound familiar?  Not the most peaceful way to get going.

Anxious to begin the day more spiritually, I began a new routine I am delighted to share.

I get up 30 minutes before anyone else, miraculously without my alarm. I pour myself a mug of warm water with lemon, and head to the living room. I sit in the dark and silently embrace the day.  Sometimes I sit and breathe, waking up slowly.  Other times, I read a few pages from some books I recently discovered (listed below).   I cherish this tiny slice of the day just for me. It’s centering and calming.  I am amazed how I carry it with me throughout my day.

Time to let your morning make your day.


Image courtesy of kobobooks.com


Image courtesy of goodreads.com 

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