Posted on Jan 15 2013

New Skin. New You.

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Is your skin feeling a little dry and dehydrated? Whether cold and dry, or sunny and hot, winter takes a toll on your skin. By January, your skin needs a reset. And it’s actually pretty simple to do.

Follow my 3 easy steps (below) and I promise you will notice a huge difference.


Step 1:  Clarins Doux Peeling

My favorite product hands down. I’ve been peeling for years and literally cannot live without it. It helps exfoliate the top layer of your skin so your products absorb thoroughly.

I peel twice a week and feel like I’ve had a mini facial each time.


Step 2: Skin Ceuticals C E Ferluic Serum 

Apply this once or twice daily to freshly cleansed skin….. Life changing.

You will love the texture of your skin after 2 weeks. I don’t leave home without it. I actually carry one in my workout bag and travel bag. A must every day (twice daily for me). Expensive but worth every drop.


Step 3: Skin Ceuticals ReNew Overnight Dry Cream. 

We all love our sleep, and so does our skin. I love the ReNew Overnight Dry skin cream. It’s not as rich and creamy as other night creams, but the benefits are better. It’s a unique formula with 10% hydroxy acid blend that continues exfoliating dead skin cells at night. If not rich enough, alternate every other night with your other favorite as I have done.

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