Posted on Oct 24 2012


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Ever wonder where to start?  What to pay attention to and what to tune out completely?  We need to be informed, but its difficult with a job, a family, and the commitments not to mention the unexpected of daily life.  Even still, it’s important to stay attuned to what’s happening across the world. Every morning, I devote 20-30 minutes to catching up on news. I grab my coffee, my iPad, and I find a cozy spot to absorb what’s happening.

My current go-to sites are:

  • Women’sWearDaily (a what’s-what and who’s-who in the world of retail and fashion in addition to world headlines)
  • Wall Street Journal (Business news and world events)
  • HuffingtonPost (I love their Entertainment and Business sections)
  • Google News (everything from everything to everything…no limit to the subjects they cover)
  • Tory (Tory Burch is such an inspiration—her blog is a daily glimpse into her super-chic life)
  • Stylesightings | Street (this inspires me before I get dressed for the day)


I just returned from China and much of the financial news here is centered around the slowing Chinese economy.  After a week of meetings with a range of people from university students to US Ambassador Gary Locke, my takewaway is that China is overwhelmingly massive.  And there is a distinct difference between Chinese economy and Chinese government.  There is also a quest for style and innovation there that is ripe for the taking.  There is no shortage of luxury retail but a massive void for middle market affordable fashion.  But if I see another Lazy Susan, I might just stab myself in the eye with a chopstick.



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