Posted on Oct 27 2012

Go: Out in the World

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I find that I am always looking forward to the next big trip—to Costa Rica, Ireland, or back to Italy for some fresh pasta, wine and lazy days. But, while researching and planning those great getaways, I’m a firm believer in taking advantage of the beauty right outside my own back door.

With Autumn upon us, you can feel the crispness in the air.  The brilliant yellows and oranges contrasted against the reds, browns and greens is better than any painting or Marni print. Breathtaking!  Whether it’s a family trip a pumpkin patch, a hike in the local mountains, or a day trip with a purpose, geocaching ~ there are countless opportunities to experience the most beautiful time of year no matter where you are.  You don’t have to travel too far to really enjoy true beauty.

Get out in your world, breathe the fresh air and have a great day.



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